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        written instructions:

Coming either north or south from US 19 turn onto Appalachian Drive.
At bottom of hill turn left at stop sign. go one half mile to top of hill.
you'll see a white building, wolf creek road is next to it, turn onto wolf
creek road and go 2 miles when you come to a bridge, cross bridge and turn
left and stay on wolf creek road. go 1 quarter of a mile you'll see a sign
saying campground. Instructions from Fayetteville are basically the same
except you come through Fayetteville, go throught Fayette Heights, when you
get to the top of the hill you'll see the white building, turn left and follow
instructions from above. You have found Cooters. We hope you find these
instructions helpful. If you find that you can give better directions please
let Cooter know so that we can change them.

Exit 60 Start out going east on Okey L Patteson Rd/WV-612/County Hwy-15/County Hwy-1/5 toward Paint Creek Rd/County Hwy-23/1. Continue to follow Okey L Patteson Rd/WV-612.
Then 7.47 miles
Turn right to stay on Okey L Patteson Rd/WV-612.
Then 0.07 miles
Take the 1st left onto Okey L Patteson Rd/WV-612/County Hwy-19 3. If you are on Blake Town Rd and reach Scarbro Rd you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
Then 0.56 miles
Take US-19 N.
Then 4.10 miles
Take the Lochgelly Rd exit toward WV-16/County Hwy-21/18/N Oak Hill.
Then 0.21 miles
Turn right onto Lochgelly Rd.
If you reach US-19 N you've gone about 0.3 miles too far
Then 0.09 miles
Take the 1st left onto Main St E/WV-16. Continue to follow WV-16.
If you are on Main St E and reach Aaron Dr you've gone a little too far
Then 1.54 miles
Turn slight right onto Wolf Creek Rd/County Hwy-1/2.
Wolf Creek Rd is 0.3 miles past Moore Dr
If you reach Talbert Ave you've gone a little too far
Then 1.62 miles
Turn left onto Wolf Creek Rd/County Hwy-12/1.
Then 0.14 miles
go 2 miles to bridge, cross bridge and turn left
Take the 3rd right onto Cooters Ln.
If you reach Lighthouse Ln you've gone about 0.6 miles too far
Then 0.23 miles
254 Cooters Ln, Fayetteville, WV 25840-6773, 254 COOTERS LN is on the right.